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Currey Residence

Baltimore, Maryland

Residential- Single Family

Carriage House

Baltimore, Maryland

Located in the beautiful historic Mount Vernon area of Baltimore City, this Architecturally modern carriage house was only one of the few new structures built in area in the past several decades. Separated from the main historic house by a central courtyard, the carriage house has double height windows for natural light to filter into all it spaces, including the living room, 3 bedrooms, 1 study and an entertainment room. With a 2-car garage on the first floor and a 650 sq. ft. roof deck on the top, this urban dwelling provides plenty of space for a family of four with a view overlooking Harbor East and the Jones Fall Expressway.

(This house is featured in Baltimore Sun's "Dream House")



Private Residence

Pasadena, Maryland

The streamlined design scheme in this three-story waterfront home unfolds in series of spatial volumes defined by juxtaposed materials and colors. The open floor plan and double-height spaces establish varied perspectives of the interior space, which is characterized by horizontal planes that connect to multiple vertical elements.

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