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The Franklin Center

Baltimore, Maryland


Commercial- Exterior

Shops at The Broom Factory

Baltimore, Maryland

The Broom Factory Facade renovation is phase-1 of the re-development of the Historic Atlantic Broom Factory Building in Canton, Baltimore. The design intend is to reuse the building's existing abandoned loading docks and turn them into new retail store fronts. A new vestibule and main entrance to the upper level office space is also part of this design phase. An elevated patio is created to bring visitors to the new first floor shops. Steps and ramp at multiple locations connect the elevated patio to the front parking area.


Walgreens Pharmacy

Chestertown, Maryland

Located in the historic and beautiful Chestertown, this new Walgreens Pharmacy store looks very different from other prototypical Walgreens stores. The town's zoning and Architectural design guidelines are extremely stringent, and the Architect has to design this retail pharmacy store to blend in with its surroundings Architecture. This project has proven to be a sucess, and the main entrance tower has become a landmark at that busy commercial intersection.

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