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The Bicycle Bistro-Rear Pavilion

Baltimore, Maryland

The creation of this permanent structure in the rear patio of a renown Baltimore restaurant will help the venue accommodate its high customer volume and extend the appeal of the existing dining room. The small dining room seamlessly connects to the main dining area and offers space for up to 28 guests. Along the south side of the pavilion, glass doors and transom windows filter abundant sunlight to the seating area. Other architectural elements, including wood trellis and wood screens, establish a strong visual connection between the existing restaurant, outdoor garden, and the interior of the new pavilion.

Commercial- Interior

Marie Louise Bistro

Baltimore, Maryland

Once a well-known hotspot in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood, the Gampy Restaurant had been vacated for over a decade and was in a state of disrepair. This new mixed-use project has restored the site’s reputation as a hub of activities and social gathering place. The project program calls for the restoration of the main building and its historic façade and also adding a five-story addition to the back of the main building. The roof of the new addition is a vaulted standing seam metal roof that resembles the French-style Mansard roofs of the neighboring buildings.

CL Design Studio

Baltimore, Maryland


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