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SETO Architects is an Architectural design firm located in the historic Mount Vernon district in Baltimore City, Maryland. The firm is certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation as an architectural MBE/DBE company since 2009 (Cert. number 09-744)

SETO architects is comprised of an excellent core of dedicated and talented professionals who bring technical expertise, versatility with means of representation, and strong design skills to all its projects. We all believe in creating a better living environment for our future and create a better space for all our projects through sustainable design; this approach applies to projects of any scale from interior renovations to master plans for the entire community. Inside the firm, SETO architects operates in an open studio and we encourage open discussion of projects, community involvement, continuing education, collaboration and the free flow of architectural ideas.

As a boutique design firm in Baltimore City, SETO architects stands out among its peers with its proven ability to execute projects regardless of size and complexity. Whether it is a residential project working directly with homeowners or a commercial project working with owner’s representatives, engineering consultants and contractors, SETO architects delivers sustainable, quality design and service that meets every budget.

Since starting his own firm 10 years ago, Mr. H. Justin Seto has built human capital and project diversity. Clients looking for talent and skills have retained a wide spectrum of services including feasibility study, programming, schematic design, construction documents and construction management.

Interior Design, adaptive re-use, office space planning and historic preservation are among the many strength of the firm. Many of these projects require successful coordination and interaction with the local government, local businesses and neighborhood groups. We also emphasize on close communication with our clients. We work with each individual from the inception of an idea through construction. Our collaborative process allows the client and the architect to discover what the parameters of the project should be, and from there we work together to realize our common goal. The project is a synthesis of the client's sensibilities and our design expertise.




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